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Now anyone can cut, chop, slice

safely and effortlessly.

Easy & fun
Cibocal boards are incredibly easy and fun to use. Using a standard cook or chef knife, combined with it’s own non-slip mat and innovative Food Scoop it becomes an amazingly simple food preparation system.
Easy to clean
Fits any domestic dishwasher, or hand wash then stand up on a bench to air dry. It’s small footprint means it takes up very little space, immediately available, clean and ready to go.

Beautifully simple idea
Archimedes illustrated ‘a simple machine’ in the 3rd century BC, it’s taken until now to incorporate it in a kitchen cutting board. Using a knife as a lever, the biased bar as the pivot, we’ve created our own simple machine.

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So simple, you won't want to stop chopping. So easy to use, you won’t have to.


Just insert the point of your Cook or Chef knife under the biased bar, retaining the knife point in position. Now go ahead and cut, chop and slice with  minimal effort  and with just a light grip on the handle. The larger the knife (lever) the less effort required. Learn more >

Includes a clever plastic

Food Scoop you never knew you needed.


Our Food Scoop fits snugly on either end of the board. Sweep the food from the board and into the scoop to easily transfer to a plate, bowl or pot.
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Use with any brand Chef or Cooks knife.


A 150-250mm (6-10”) Chef or Cooks knife are the best size to use with our boards. You can use your own or select one from our range of Victorinox or Stirex knives. 


Butchers or Santoku knife aren’t suitable to use with our boards. The shape of their blade means the point is unable to be placed effectively under the biased bar. 

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Which cutting board is best for you?

Compare models from our range.


Ask yourself, what tasks do I want to be able to do? Maybe you're considering buying it as a gift for someone else, what are their needs? 


We have put together am easy to read guide showing the features and benefits of each board.

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